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Breast Cancer Surgery


The goal of breast cancer surgery is to remove the entire tumor from the breast.

Some of the lymph nodes in the underarm area (axillary nodes) may also be removed to see if they contain cancer.

Lumpectomy and mastectomy

There are 2 basic types of surgery to remove breast cancer:

  • Lumpectomy (also called breast-conserving surgery, partial mastectomy or wide excision)
  • Mastectomy

Lumpectomy. The surgeon removes the breast tumor and a small rim of normal tissue around it. The rest of the breast remains intact.

Mastectomy. The surgeon removes the entire breast. In many, but not all, cases this includes the nipple and areola.

Sometimes, breast reconstruction is done at the same time as a mastectomy

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction can help restore the look of the breast after a mastectomy. It can be done at the same time as the mastectomy or later.

In rare cases, breast reconstruction or breast reduction may be done after a lumpectomy to maintain a more natural appearance of the breast, or to match the size and shape of the other breast.

Deciding between lumpectomy and mastectomy

You may have a choice between a lumpectomy (plus radiation therapy) or a mastectomy.

If you have a choice, take time to study your options. Weigh the risks and benefits of each and choose the surgery that’s right for you. Survival is the same no matter which option you choose.

Also, the choice of surgery does not affect whether you will need chemotherapy, hormone therapy and/or HER2-targeted therapy. Drug therapies are given based on the characteristics of the tumor, not the type of surgery you have.

You are not alone

If you’re facing breast cancer surgery, remember, many people have been where you are today. They had the same fears and faced the same tough choices. They’ve gone through breast cancer treatment, recovered and are living their lives.

It may be helpful to talk with others who’ve finished treatment to help ease your fears.

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